BCB Adventure selviytymispakkaus metallirasiassa

BCB Adventure selviytymispakkaus metallirasiassa
Kategoriat: Varaosat, lisävalot
Brand: BCB
18.9 EUR

BCB Adevnture selviytymispakkaus mahtuu jopa isompaan taskuun ja sisältää useita apuvälineitä selviytymiseen. Metallirasia The BCB Adventure Survival Tin that fits neatly into your pocket, contains loads of useful gadgets that will help you on your adventures, all packed into one small tin.Contents: Extremely Loud Distress Whistle, LED Micro Torch, BCB Survival Instructions, Fireball Flint & Striker (with compass), Sewing Kit, Mini Work Tool (knife, wire stripper, wood saw blade, wrenches, bottle & can opener, flat edge screwdriver, ruler & lanyard hole), Emergency Silver Blanket, Waterproof Matches and Cotton Wool Buds, Mayday Signalling Mirror, Mini Fishing Kit (fishing line, 4 x swivels, 4 x weights, 4 x hooks), Nightlight Candle, Small Pencil.Ei myyyntiä alle 18-.vuotiaille!