Easypix Street Glow heijastinnauha LED-valolla L/XL

Easypix Street Glow heijastinnauha LED-valolla L/XL
Kategoriat: Varaosat, lisävalot
Brand: EasyPix
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StreetGlow on akkukäyttöinen valoliivi, joka on suunniteltu parantamaan näkyvyyttä heikoissa valo-olosuhteissa. Erittäin kirkkailla LED-valoilla se varmistaa, että erotut ympäristöstä ja lisää turvallisuuttasi liikenteessä. Valmistettu kestävästä nailonista, nopea ja helppo laittaa päälle. Mukana toimitettavat neljä nappiparistoa antavat virtaa jopa 80 tunnin yhtäjaksoista käyttöä varten. Käyttökohteet mm. pyöräily, juoksu, kävely, ratsastus, moottoripyöräily. StreetGlow luminous vest improves you safety on the road StreetGlow is a battery-powered luminous vest designed to improve visibility in low light conditions. With extra-bright LED’s it ensures you stand out from the surroundings while improving its’ road safety. Because what counts is your safety StreetGlow makes you more visible and ensures that you are seen earlier by other road users. Bright LED light StreetGlow is manufactured from durable nylon and features a thermoplastic polyurethane fibre optic technology to produce a consistently bright LED. StreetGlow delivers a highly visible surface which ensures you stand out in traffic, even in the worst weather conditions- whether you are walking, riding a bike or using a scooter. Features Extra bright LED light Three modes: Slow flash Fast flash Always on Suitable for any weather Visible from up to 100M in line of sight Reflective material Quick & easy to put on and take off Adjustable size Batteries included Battery life up to 80 hours Full Spectrum: Be seen from every angle StreetGlow is designed for use in road traffic. With a high visible angle of 180°, the 2x 1 metre full-spectrum LED light strips, it ensures that you are seen from all sides and all angles. The four button-cell batteries included provide power for up to 80 hours of continuous operation. Quick and easy battery replacement Thanks to the slide out battery housing and with no screws required, replacing batteries is quick and convenient. StreetGlow function StreetGlow consists of two crossing LED straps, each containing a dedicated on-off/mode switch. The mode function allows you to set your preferred operating mode to enhance the visibility on the road. Choose from slow flash, fast flash or always-on at the touch of a button. It is simple to put on and without any complicated fasteners, can be simply adjusted to fit over most clothing and jackets. Simply place StreetGlow on the shoulders, adjust to fit and close the quick fastener. For all weather StreetGlow is fully splash and waterproof. For added safety, StreetGlow’s reflective material will keep you visible at all times should you forget to activate the LED light. FUNCTIONS Battery-powered luminous vest with extra bright LED light Modes: Light always on Slow Flash Fast Flash Splashproof and suitable for all-weather use (IPX4) Visible from up to 100M in clear line of sight Reflective: Additional visibility when the LED strip light is not in use Easy to put on and take off Elastic quick fastener at chest height Comfortable to wear, even over jackets Easily accessible on/off switch 3V CR2032 lithium batteries included (4x) Long battery lifetime: Light always on up to 60 hours Slow Flash up to 70 hours Fast Flash up to 80 hours Durable nylon, LED light with polyurethane fiber optic technology Adjustable length L/XL suitable body height from approx. 150/160 cm Weight: 230g Colour: Neon-Green