Ganzo G101-H monitoimityökalu

Ganzo G101-H monitoimityökalu
Kategoriat: Auton huolto, työkalut
Brand: Ganzo
22.9 EUR

G101H-malli sisältää 22 työkalua. Mukana kärkisarja magneettisovittimella, tölkin ja pullon avaaja, sakset, naskali, saha, ristipääruuvari, sahateräveitsi ja veitsi, pihdit vaijerileikkurilla. Kahvat valmistettu luistamattomasta metallista. Paino 248 g Monityökalutyyppi: täysikokoinen Toiminnot: 22 Terän materiaali: 440C Monityökalun väri: harmaa Takuu: 1 vuosi Kotelo mukana: Kyllä Multi-Tool could called one of the best configurations regarding “price/quality” ratio. G101H model contains 22 tools and will be useful for those who need to perform a variety of chores, but also have a reliable and compact set of tools for outdoor activities. For those who want to purchase maximum functionality for a minimum amount, the Muli-Tool Ganzo G101H will be the best solution, as this full-size model of gray is very well-thought-out. The product complete set (which, by the way, is supplied in a convenient case from synthetic material) besides the Multi-Tool consists of a set of bits (5 hexagons, regular screwdriver, adapter with magnet and a crosshead screw-drivers). The set is packed in a special package from robust plastic. Every bit is made of steel with high carbon composition. Also, the owner of the model will have the following tools, in the production of which 440C steel (stainless) was used: Opener for canned food (cans and bottles); Scissors; Awl, saw; Screw-drivers (first – crosshead, the second - slotted); Adapter for bits that are in a set; Blades (one is straight sharpened, the second is with serrated). Pliers are spring-loaded that allows to work with the tool even using one hand. The handles are made of absolutely non-slip metal which makes work (even under wet conditions) comfortable, safe and effective. Characteristics: Small but comfortable case on button that could easily be fastened on the belt and allows to be confident in Multi-Tool safety and set of bits; Tools that go together with this Multi-Tool are equipped with special holders that ensure impossibility of their accidental folding during work; Weight is 248 grams. Multi-Tool Type: Full-Size Functions: 22 Blade Material: 440C Multi-Tool Color: Gray Warranty: 1 year Holster / Sheath Included: Yes