Ganzo G112 monitoimityökalu

Ganzo G112 monitoimityökalu
Kategoriat: Auton huolto, työkalut
Brand: Ganzo
19.9 EUR
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Ganzo G112 monitoimityökalu voi korjata esimerkiksi kalastusvälineitä, retkeilyvarusteita, polkupyörää ja autoa. Mukana kärkisarja magneettisovittimella, tölkin ja pullon avaaja, sakset, viivotin, naskali, saha, ristipääruuvari, kaksi talttaruuvaria (pieni ja keskikokoinen), sahateräveitsi ja veitsi, pihdit vaijerileikkurilla. Mukana kestävä nailonkotelo. 3Cr13 ruostumaton teräs Monityökalun paino on 206 grammaa Taitetun työkalun pituus on 10,5 cm Taitetun työkalun pituus on 16,5 cm Monityökalun väri: hopea Suljettu pituus: 10,5 cm Avoin pituus: 16,5 cm Paino, g: 260 Takuu: 1 vuosi Kotelo mukana: Kyllä Ganzo G112 model is the multi-tool for field repairs and for home masters. Fully metal tool with a big number of functions can easily cope with a variety of repairs and some other issues regarding camp life. Ganzo G112 is a full-seized multi-task tool with all necessary characteristics to become an indispensible in every backpack. This multi-tool can correct fishing gears, repair a camping equipment, a bike or even a car. Certainly, it could be use during the repairs at home. Absolutely all elements of the multi-tool are made of 3Cr13 steel. This is a stainless steel brand of an average price category. The characteristics of the alloy are similar to a popular brand of 440A, but it is harder (about 57HRC), that allows the blades to remain sharp for longer time. Since this type of steel has good rust resistance, tools made of it will be perfect for fishermen and travelers. Pliers are the main tool in arrangement of the Ganzo G112 multi-tool. They are strong enough to be able to do serious work. This toll also has a function of cutting-pliers, firm grip of flat and circular-shape objects. The jaws of pliers are always slightly opened because they are biased. The multi-tool handles are also the handles for this tool. They serve as a case for the folded pair of pliers and a place to store other instruments. The kit includes two knives: with straight and serrated cutting edge, an awl, a ruler, a bottle opener for cans and bottles, a crusiform screw-driver and two flat screw-drivers. Moreover, the kit includes nine replaceable heads for screw-drivers and a magnetic adapter for them. All heads are stored in separate nets of the common organizer. They can be folded together with the multi- tool in the nylon case, which is also sold together with the multi-tool. Characteristics: 3Cr13 stainless steel; Multi-tool weight is 206 grams; Length of the folded tool is 10.5 cm; Length of the unfolded tool is 16.5 cm; Big kit of tools; Removable nozzles for screw-driver; Function of cutting-pliers; Durable nylon case. Multi-Tool Type: Full-Size Components two knives : a straight cutting edge and serrate, awl , ruler , bottle openers for cans and bottles , one cruciform and two flat -head screwdriver Blade Material: 3Cr13 Multi-Tool Color: Silver Closed Length, mm: 105 Open Length,mm: 165 Weight, g: 260 Warranty: 1 year Holster / Sheath Included: Yes