Ganzo G2016P monitoimityökalu

Ganzo G2016P monitoimityökalu
Kategoriat: Auton huolto, työkalut
Brand: Ganzo
17.9 EUR

Monitoimityökalu Ganzo G2016P integroi kaikki tarvittavat työkalut matkustamiseen ja ulkoiluun. Työkalut on valmistettu kiinteästä ruostumattomasta teräksestä 440C. Sisältää 22 toimintoa. 9 osanen kärkisarja ruuvarille Kaksi talttapääruuvaria (pieni ja keskikokoinen) Ristipääruuvari Tavalliset pihdit Leikkauspihdit, sahaterä veitsi Tölkin ja pullon avaaja Viivoitin, naskali ja kauha Pieni koko 10,5 cm x 1,8 cm (pituus/ paksuus) Paino on vain 250 grammaa Mukana kotelo. Monityökalutyyppi: täysikokoinen Toiminnot: 22 Terän materiaali: 440C Monityökalun väri: ruskea Mitat taitettuna (pituus / paksuus), cm: 10,5 x 5 x 1,8 cm Takuu: 1 vuosi Kotelo mukana: Kyllä Excellent Multi-Tool G2016P from the Chinese company Ganzo. G2016P model is for those who like active lifestyle – hunters, fishermen, tourists. Multi-Tool Ganzo G2016P integrates all the most necessary tools for travelling and outdoor activities. All of them are made of solid stainless steel 440C. It is resistant to corrosion and is a guarantee of a durability of the tool. Since the Multi-Tool has a plastic handle, in cold weather the work with the tool will not bring discomfort. Also, it excludes the possibility of accidental slipping out of the product from the hands. Ganzo G2016P performs 22 functions. It will be an indispensable tool if you want something to loosen, tie, bend, straighten, crop, and much more. Purchasing Ganzo G2016P you will receive the following: Bits with different screwdrivers and keys (9 pieces) with the holder; Two screwdrivers, with direct slot (medium and small); Crosshead screwdriver; Standard pliers; Cutting pliers, knife with serrated blade; Knife for opening cans and canned food; Small ruler, awl, file; Bottle opener. Characteristics: Small size 10.5 cm x 1.8 cm (length /thickness), so the product is easy to carry even in your pockets; Weight is only 250 grams; Fashionable camouflage color; You can by a stylish case. Multi-Tool Type: Full-Size Functions: 22 Blade Material: 440C Multi-Tool Color: Brown Dimensions in the folded state (LWТ), mm: 10,5x5,x1,8 Warranty: 1 year Holster / Sheath Included: Yes