Knog PWR Rider USB ladattava pyörän etuvalo varavirtalähteellä

Knog PWR Rider USB ladattava pyörän etuvalo varavirtalähteellä
Kategoriat: Varaosat, lisävalot
Brand: Knog
52 EUR 64.9 EUR

Ladattava pyörän etuvalo, jossa on varavirtalähde. Sopii ohjaustankoihin, jotka ovat halkaisijaltaan 22,2-31,8 mm. Valon alaosassa on akun ilmaisin (4 valoa = täyteen ladattu, 2 valoa = puoliksi ladattu jne). Pakkaus sisältää valon, silikoni kiinnikkeen, kuusiokoloavaimen ja usb-kaapelin. Valotehot: Max: 450 lm / 2 h Mid: 190 lm / 5,5 h Stamina: 50 lm / 16 h Pulse: 320 lm / 7 h Strobe Flash: 190 lm / 10 h Eco-Flash: 50 lm / 90 h Akku/varavirtalähde: 2200 mAh Mitat: 123 x 31 x 31 mm (korkeus x leveys x pituus), 114 g PWR Rider is a sleek and powerful 450 lumen LED bike light, that can also be used as a power bank (2,200 mAh) for charging USB devices. You can also use Modemaker App to program your brightness and runtime. Dimensions: H: 123mm x W: 31mm x L:31mm Weight: 114 grams Modes, Lumens and Runtime: Ride: 450, 2 Commuter: 190, 5.5 Stamina: 50, 16 Pulse: 320, 7 Strobe Flash: 190, 10 Eco Flash: 50, 90 IN THE PACK : Light, Silicone Strap, USB Cable, Hex Key BATTERY INDICATOR: 4 built in battery indicator lights. Tap the bottom of the light to activate the battery indicator. 4 lights = fully charged, 2 lights = half charged etc. WIDE BEAM & CUSTOMISABLE MODES: Can run for up to 90 hours on Eco Flash Mode. It has an elliptical beam for broader, bright road coverage. It comes with 6 pre-programmed modes, and you can programme the light. EASY TO MOUNT & USE: This light can be mounted on top or below your handlebars, and with additional mounts you can place it directly under your Garmin or on your helmet. There’s a single button, a long press to turn light on & off.