Xlayer Powerbank PLUS langaton matkalaturi 10,000mAh

Xlayer Powerbank PLUS langaton matkalaturi 10,000mAh
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Brand: XLayer
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10,000 mAh matkalaturi langattomaan ja / tai normaaliin (USB) lataamiseen. Integroitu LED taskulamppu. Pienet LED valot ilmoittavat kapasiteetista. Matkalaturin voi ladata:- Langattomasti Qi-laturin kautta (5V / 1A) - Normaalilla, tai “SuperSpeed” Micro USB:llä. (5V / 2A) Ulostulo:- Langaton (5V / 1A)- USB-portin kautta (5V /2,4A) Mitat: 157 x 79 x 17Paino: 265g Mukana USB/Micro-USB kaapeli The Wireless Powerbank from XLayer is an external energy storage device. With this powerbank, a mobile device can be charged inductively and/or via USB. With a capacity of 10000 mAh it is possible to charge e.g. a smartphone up to 5 times. On long journeys, on vacations or a trip into nature you always have enough energy with you. The Powerbank can be charged via induction, micro-USB or Lightning socket. The integrated mini-LED light can be very useful in the dark.